The Westinghouse 1500w freestanding patio heater is a freestanding unit, and is used in patio and patios. The heating unit is used for heating up the patio area, providing warmth to the area. The radiator is pressurized to maintain a constant temperature of 38 degrees throughout the patio or area.

westinghouse 1500w freestanding patio heater

It is capable of bringing about true heat in the area. It is a two-stage unit, which uses two burners in order to make use of the radiators and circulate the air to maintain a warm environment. The 1500w burner can handle the heat of up to ten thousand BTU’s.

The heat produced by the unit is ideal for providing warmth to the patio or area. In addition, the heat that is generated by the unit is compatible with the climate, due to the fact that it is not susceptible to extremes of temperature. In case you have decided to put up this heater at your residence, then you must ensure that you have taken care of all the necessary measures in order to ensure that the unit is functioning at its best possible level. It is an installation that requires special attention and care.

The system is capable of making use of electric heat sources such as electricity, gas or kerosene, which is quite energy efficient. This way, you will be saving on your electricity bills, because the unit consumes a lot less electricity.

The model that you choose will depend on the size of the area that you want to cover, and the level of protection you wish to get. This model is available in various sizes, from one hundred to one thousand watts.

If you are planning to use this unit, then it would be better if you look for the highest quality heaters, so that it does not break down easily. The unit also has a maintenance level of one hundred hours. This means that you will need to change the filter occasionally.

This heater can really help you in warming up the patio, making it the perfect solution for your needs. It can definitely provide you with warmth and security to the area.