Portable air conditioners

 Portable AC main performance:

  1. European design, efficient power, mobile;
  2. LCD temperature display, remote control operation;
  3. World famous factory production, refrigeration and heating dual-use, to ensure first-class quality;
  4. Can be used for local or overall heating or cooling of various commercial sites.


Provide mobile commercial air conditioning, no installation, winter heating summer cooling, suitable for business areas and other local heating and cooling, in the staff or equipment around the formation of a clear hot circle or cold island to improve the working environment.

  1. High temperature and humidity environment may cause the server or relay equipment running speed decreased significantly or even paralyzed, solid mobile air conditioning can quickly reduce the ambient temperature of the engine room to ensure the normal operation of your equipment, the data is not lost;
  2. Office area or work area, the temperature is too high can also cause the staff cannot complete the work, solid moving air conditioning will bring you cool air.

 Portable air conditioners features:

  • do not need to change your existing air conditioning system, only you need to cool the region;
  • When your existing air conditioning system fails, solid moving air conditioning can provide temporary cooling;
  • in the abnormal working hours, such as temporary overtime, building air conditioning system cannot work, solid road mobile air conditioning can be provided at any time air conditioning;
  • Reduce the temperature while also reducing the humidity, can improve and improve the environmental comfort.