We deal in air-conditioning rental and Air Conditioner Rental services with large number of air-conditioner units and installation of professional rental companies. In the realistic and innovative, we value the “customer first” to provide our clients with quality products; improve the design, timely response to the service, in cooperation to achieve win-win situation.

As a professional Air Conditioner Rental company, the companies mainly contract various types of air-conditioning rental and generator rental. Over the years, in the industry we maintain our good reputation and excellent performance.

We can meet large-scale activities such as temporary or long-term exhibition hall, news center, pavilion exhibition area, special booth, symposium, temporary storage, VIP lounge, dining area, recreation area, conference hall and reception hall. For your activities, exhibitions, events or PARTY to provide a variety of electrical leasing, leisure furniture rental and other products rental and sales, to meet the needs of large-scale activities. Hot summer; choose air conditioning rental activities with air conditioning, eliminating the activities brought about by the air conditioning during the issue of how to deal with is undoubtedly a good choice for you to achieve the scene perfect.

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