Front view of Portable Air Conditioner

Lately, the summer days have been getting hotter, the fans have not noticed us freshen up and we thought how good it would be to have an air conditioner at home. But if, like me, you live in a building, this type of installation work is probably not allowed.

What a pity, right? Not at all! Currently, it is possible to find portable air conditioning . But is it worth buying the portable air conditioner ? Check below the advantages and disadvantages of this new type of appliance.

Portable Air Conditioner Advantages and Disadvantages

Front view of Portable Air Conditioner

Front view of Portable Air Conditioner


  • Despite being heavy, the portable air conditioner has casters, which allows it to be moved to other rooms in the home. People who own a house on the beach or in the countryside can take you on their trips or even people who live in a rental and need to move, can take the device too;
  • In addition to cooling, it can also be used as a humidifier and air dehumidifier ;
  • It is not necessary to pay the visit of an installation technician;
  • Like the fixed models, the portable air conditioner has timer and sleep functions , as well as a remote control, which allows the unit to be turned off at night.


  • The equipment is usually very noisy, which can bother during the day and disturb sleep at night;
  • It is necessary to remember to empty the water tank so that there is no leakage;
  • Usually, portable air conditioning consumes a lot of electrical energy, compared to other appliances of the same or higher power;
  • Despite being easy to transport, there is a large extensor tube to throw the hot air out;
  • It does not work well in large rooms, for example, American kitchen integrated with living room or dining room next to the living room;
  • The value is usually high, from AED 1,000.00 to AED 5,500.00;
  • The temperature is not usually as low as in an environment with split air conditioning, that is, it refreshes the environment, but does not freeze;
Rear view of portable air conditioner (detail for air outlet)

Important notes about portable air conditioner

After researching, using portable air conditioning , reading posts and watching videos of people who also bought portable air conditioning , I concluded that it is not worth buying this equipment. It’s okay that the person will save on the installation, but the headache that the appliance will give afterwards does not pay. Just looking at the text I wrote above, it is clear that the number of disadvantages is greater. It’s an expensive, noisy product, I’ve watched videos and read texts that say hot air leaks through the duct to the environment, so it does not get that cool.

For example, I know that my father bought this portable air conditioner for his apartment and I have never seen the appliance switched on, that is, it is a waste of money for nothing. I prefer to continue with my fan, which was much cheaper.

If even after reading my text you decide that you want a portable air conditioner , it is important to remember these tips:

  • Compare prices and brands and check for technical assistance in your city or near your home;
  • Check that the power of the product is compatible with the size of the room to be cooled;
  • Check if the appliance switches off automatically when the water reaches the full capacity of the tank;
  • Make sure that the equipment is sold in versions 110 and 220 volts or if you have to buy a transformer;
  • See if your chosen portable air conditioner fits all types of window.