An electric heater in a wood patio is very much a pleasure when there is lots of shade and the climate is comfortable. It adds to the ambience of the place and makes it more enjoyable. But, are the solar powered wood patio heaters that are available now really worth the extra price of having to pay for electricity?

You would find the cheaper of the two in electric but you would also discover that they are not as powerful as the wood patio heater. The reason for this is that the solar-powered version is powered by the rays of the sun while the electric version is electrically charged. In the long run, you might end up paying more for the electric heater because you are getting less power. It is therefore best to go with the wood type as this will be more suited to your budget.

The other major disadvantage of the electric version is that it consumes energy and cannot be used all the time. As the sun is not a constant fixture, your heater has to run on the lowest wattage. If it does not, it will go flat. There are also numerous problems with the sun being blocked by trees and buildings.

Wood style heaters are the ultimate choice of the enthusiast. They offer versatility as they can be easily switched out to fit different types of surfaces. The electric heater would need to be changed out on a frequent basis in order to get the most out of it. The wood heater can be made as intricate as your desires.

The sun never set on this heater either because they can be made out of any kind of wood. For example, you can go with a choice of pine if you love the clear and vibrant colours of the wood. It can also be made to look like a giant log or there is even the option of using a variety of woods. It is very stylish and will look good on any outdoor patio.

You can also go with a solar sunflower heater if you prefer an indoor version. This type is the latest solar system and offers the most versatility. There are various types of furniture available for it as well, which makes it appear very chic. There are designs available which can be made to be slightly attractive but unique.

Solar heaters are good all year round because of the amount of sunlight that it can take. They are also the most durable as they are made of polystyrene or urethane which allows the heat to be trapped within. The great thing about these heaters is that they provide heat without having to be warmed up by open flame. This means that they can be used without a stove and require no electricity whatsoever.